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Interview with Ohio Explored

Artist Interview:

I was both pleased and excited to receive a vendor invitation to the 2017 Holiday Maker Mart organized by Ohio Explored. If you are not familiar with this organization, they have made it their mission, "to awaken people to the beauty of Ohio. Having never done this sort of thing before, I felt like it was a great opportunity to test the waters of "booth" style sales and get some exposure. The event was held at Urban Artifact, a brewery located in Northside, Cincinnati.

With the approval of my vendor application, the kind folks over at Ohio Explored also offered me a 10 question interview to be featured on their blog. Here is a brief excerpt:

What drew you to your craft?

This is a hard question for me to answer, as I honestly do not remember. Drawing and making things has always been a part of my life. According to my mother, I picked up a pencil and started drawing at the age of 2!

At the very core of my drive to create is the beauty I see in the world around me. I am so inspired by those fleeting moments of wonder, like a sunset or a flower in bloom, that I want to give them more permanence. Almost like capturing a memory, except I am trying to catch that spark of inspiration. The goal behind my drive to create is for my inspiration, and the beauty I see, to be made into a form which can be shared with others. I would love for my art to stand as a simple reminder that life is beautiful, if only you look in the right places. 🙂

To read the full interview at, please click HERE.

Urban Artifact

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