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Classes via an Online Learning Platform

To date, I have released six classes on an online learning platform called Skillshare. These video lessons are self-paced, step-by-step tutorials based around a subject or theme. Each includes a class project to help you put your newly acquired skills into action.

What is Skillshare you might ask?

It is an online learning platform where members have access to a massive library of classes on pretty much anything you can imagine. I have used Skillshare to help me improve a wide range of skills, everything from watercolor painting to video editing to personal growth. If you sign up via one of the links on my website you will get the first two weeks free! (As a teacher, I will receive a small bonus 🤗) Cancel or renew at any time. I hope you will check it out, I highly recommend it!


Online Classes Directly from Me

It has been a goal of mine to gradually create a number of in-depth courses related to watercolor and life as an artist.

Coming Soon!

I wanted to create a range of study opportunities in a place entirely under my control, where there are no limitations on course length or the type of instruction. Where I can offer a range of comprehensive classes that gives more to students than just small doses of information. Naturally, full-length classes will take some time to write and release online, so consider this a preview of things to come.

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