Authenticity for Artists

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Welcome to Authenticity for Artists!

A FREE online mini-course dedicated to exploring and defining your most authentic artistic self.

This course was born in the process of creating a self-initiated Authenticity Challenge. At first, I had intended to do this to help myself both in my artwork and with my social media content. But I immediately realized that if I mentioned this idea to my audience other people would likely want to join in or ask me where I found the prompts. Later, as I began to organize the challenge into a more presentable form, it was very apparent that I had a lot to say on this subject and that it would be really difficult to consolidate all of it into a few Instagram posts. I wanted to share more in a longer format and I wanted others to be able to participate in a more meaningful way. Hence this class came to be.

What is included in the course?

  • Digs deep and defines what authenticity really means.
  • Asks introspective questions to help you discover your most authentic self.
  • Discusses how Authenticity relates to you and your art.
  • Offers ways to develop more authenticity in your creative work.
  • Provides numerous prompts to help break things down and find clarity for yourself.
  • Incorporates my thoughts and experiences in an effort to make this subject more relatable and more easily applicable to your own situation.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on how to be authentic. I am simply sharing what I have learned over the years and some ideas I came across in my own authenticity research. Creating an online course seemed to be the most appropriate way to share and organize this information for others. Aside from my own opinions and experiences, all of this information can be found for free on the internet.

If you enjoy what I do and would like to help, the best way to support me is by sharing my content! Please share this mini-course with a friend who would enjoy it! You are also welcome to take a look at my SHOP or leave a donation via PayPal.

  • Why a course about Authenticity?

    The inspiration behind the course and what to expect.

  • What does Authenticity mean?

    A deep dive into the word "authenticity" and how to see it in a more meaningful way.

  • How to be more Authentic

    A heartfelt approach on ways to be more true to yourself.

  • How does Authenticity relate to Art?

    Connecting the idea of Authenticity to creativity and self-expression.

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  • How to be more Authentic in your Art

    Things to think about to put more of yourself into your artwork or creative practice.

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  • Additional Prompts to help you

    A final list of prompts to really bring these ideas home and relevant to you.

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  • Further Reading & Sources

    Additional resources and links to all of the sources I used in the creation of this course.

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